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MindGenius – mind-mapping tool

MindGenius is a mind-mapping tool. You can create concise, visually appealing images that capture all your ideas on a particular topic, module, or assignment. You can also use these mind maps to help brainstorm ideas, find connections between different readings, and organise your thoughts about a piece of work.

Please see the following guide: http://lgdata.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/docs/1531/330537/Using_MindGenius_2011-10-17.pdf


Using Calibre for managing your PDF / E-Book Collection

You can use Calibre to manage your PDFs, ePUBs and other e-book/ digital document collection, Calibre provides integration with a wide range of mobile devices, Android and associated mobile platforms. You can download Calibre and see further help using the platform at the Calibre Web site or contact your Librarian. Click the video below to view a video demo:

Journal/ Author Ratings new Web site area

Please see our new “Journal/ Author” Ratings area within the Library for Online Programmes, you can use either Web of Knowledge or SCOPUS to view journal, author or publication ratings (bibliometrics) to indicate the popularity (impact) of journal content according to papers published, number of citations in other publications and other models for assessing impact.

The following page provides guidelines, video and tutorials for demonstrating how to use journal impact tools: