SAGE Methodology E-Books problem and workaround 21-12-17

If you have problems opening a SAGE Methodology e-book when off-campus, e.g. from DISCOVER or the Library Catalogue, you may see an error when accessing full-text content “Looks like you do not have access to this content”.

The issue has been reported and we are hoping for a resolution shortly.

To access your required SAGE e-book, install our “Citrix” software, this is a “VPN” type application which allows you to access our resources as if you were on-campus.

You will need to follow the instructions shown at 

Note, when accessing CItrix you will need to supply the ‘server address’ when prompted as “”, when logging into Citrix you will need to use your UoL (MWS) login (your login used to access the Library) in the following format:


When you are running Citrix, open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer from within the Citrix interface, you can then browse to the SAGE’s public/commercial URL: then search for your book title (you should search using the exact book title, note the exact edition and author details when selecting the book in the results shown).

As an alternative to searching for the book title, you can visit the book using the normal method from DISCOVER on SAGE, e.g. then remove the section of the URL shown as “” (note – this includes the preceding full stop as shown), the resulting URL can be visited directly from Citrix, e.g.

For further advice on accessing Citrix or help using SAGE e-books please contact the Library or IT Service Desk.

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