RefWorks citation management system scheduled downtime (Friday 8th February 2020)

Please note there will be downtime of the RefWorks citation management system scheduled to last up to 12 hours on 08/02/20.

If you need access to citations from your RW library for checking publication details etc. during this period of maintenance, you can download an Excel compatible spreadsheet of your library (compatible with any spreadsheet application, Notepad or plain text editor). To save your library as a spreadsheet, click the ‘Export’ icon in the right panel of RefWorks, then select all required references (e.g. ‘All in List’), then select ‘Tab Delimited’:

You will see a green box in the bottom right corner of the screen when the file is ready, right-click the ‘click here’ icon to save to your computer/device, or use the email option shown to have this emailed to you. The file will be a plain text (.txt) file with tab separators between columns.
You can open the resulting file in any spreadsheet or plain text editor. Open your chosen application (e.g. Excel) then use File > Open to select the .txt file (you may need to choose ‘all file types’ or similar when selecting the ‘format’ of file to open). In Excel you will be asked to choose a data type, choose ‘Delimited’, and click ‘Finish’:

You can optionally choose to temporarily export/import your Library into another citation management platform (to import into another citation system. If you choose to do this, you may need to use the ‘Bibliographic software’ rather than ‘Tab Delineated’ file format when using the ‘Export’ option in RefWorks). Note – you won’t be able to edit or insert in-text citations using the RefWorks Word plugin when using another citation platform.

Also, a reminder that RefWorks will be replaced with our EndNote products (e.g. EndNote Online) after Autumn 2021, if you continue your programme after this time and you still require a citation platform, you will need to convert your RW library to another platform, such as our supported EndNote products, please see this page for details:





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