Problems logging into the Library with workarounds January 2019


Update on Problems logging into the Library (07/01/19)

Library authentication is now working intermittently, you can attempt to log in as normally. However for any difficulties, please see the below advice.


You can see an explanation of the issue, updates on the issue and some suggested workarounds here

Further help

In addition to the advice offered above please see the following –

To use the Citrix option suggested above, install the Citrix desktop client as shown at Note – when you run the Citrix desktop application you will need to supply a ‘server address’, then your UoL (MWS) username and password in the format shown on the above site. When Citrix has been successfully installed, run Citrix then open a Web browser within the Citrix desktop (such as Explorer or Firefox). You will then need to navigate to the University Library, it is suggested you use either this DISCOVER URL (for most of our licensed E-Journal articles/E-Books), or for other specialist database URLs see the list of URLs shown on the announcement page (shown above).

Alternatively, you can also access non-authenticated or open access sources via databases such as Google Scholar ( or other open access sources shown on the Alumni page such as –


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