Personal Profile in EBSCO/DISCOVER issues

Following some changes in the EBSCO/DISCOVER database, the route to access a personal profile in DISCOVER is now slightly different, to access a personal profile you created previously click the ‘My Folder’ link at the top of the screen, then click ‘Sign in to my EBSCO Host, when you have done this use the ‘Back’ icon to return to DISCOVER, you can then manage your bookmarked items using the ‘My Folder’ link at the top of the Discover screen.

The ‘My Library Account’ link shown in the top-right corner of the DISCOVER platform now directs to the Library Catalogue, this displays the record of physical items loaned from the physical Library and related details.

If you are a borrowing member of the Library and loan physical items then you will have access to a PIN number to log into the Library Catalogue (or via the “My Library record” link in DISCOVER).

Online students are not issued a borrowing account to loan physical items on enrolment, additionally, UK residency is required to obtain a borrowing account or loan physical items. Please note – a physical borrowing account is not required to use the electronic library/E-Resources, nor is a borrowing account required to create a personal profile in any online database licensed by the Library such as EBSCO/DISCOVER, SCOPUS, Web of Science etc. – our online databases each allow for an individual profile to be created to save personal preferences within the individual platform, save search results, bookmark items etc.

Please also see the following guideline on use of the personal profile in DISCOVER

Also note, that some databases such as Web of Science or Westlaw can prompt you when accessing the database to log into a personal profile, however if you do not wish to use the personal settings within that individual database, you can ignore/close the personal profile popup/prompt.
If you continue to have difficulties using EBSCO/DISCOVER and the personal profile feature, please contact your Librarian (for Online Programmes) using the Contacts tab shown toward the top area of the Library for Online Programmes

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