Notice for students and online staff for Harvard Referencing

Library Harvard Guidance

For several years, the University Library has advocated the Pears & Shields textbook, ‘Cite them Right’ to support referencing for styles such as APA and OSCOLA. Access has been available via print and an online interactive version of the textbook (subscribed by the Library and available from our referencing support pages). The textbook provides advice on many referencing styles.

Whilst we have provided the local “Harvard (Liverpool)” style for Harvard referencing, the Library is now offering greater support for students and programmes using the “Harvard (Cite them Right)” style outlined in the Cite them Right textbook.

Unlike “Harvard (Liverpool)”, the “Harvard (Cite them Right)” style is internationally recognised and provides a more standard approach for Harvard, supporting a wider range of online databases and reference management systems. The two styles are highly similar, with a more concise approach found in “Harvard (Cite them Right)”.

After consultation with online staff and stakeholders it has been agreed to encourage use of Cite them Right in the future for online programmes, however “Harvard (Liverpool)” will remain online for current students at the present time. Online students should read the advice below.

Advice for Online Students

Online students can see both the above styles on the referencing support page at: including a concise PDF guide for “Harvard (Cite them Right)” and access to the online Cite them Right interactive textbook.

  • If you have begun using “Harvard (Liverpool)” for a substantive academic work such as your dissertation or thesis then you may need to continue use of that style, if you do intend to change to “Harvard (Cite them Right)” during a substantive academic work, then you are advised to consult with your Librarian or tutor using the normal contact options.
  • If your tutor raises your use of “Harvard (Cite them Right)” with you, please refer them to this news update or feel free to ask your Librarian to discuss with the staff member
  • For students with Laureate – Laureate have agreed a flexible approach for the use of “Harvard (Cite them Right)” by students after broad consensus during consultation and discussion at UoL/Laureate committees.

Advice for Online Staff / Programme Developers

Some individual students have already begun using “Harvard (Cite them Right)” as this book has been available in various formats. Also, some students are using the online interactive textbook version provided by the Library for Harvard referencing, so you may already encounter some use of the style amongst students.

  • If your programme area has specific advocacy for “Harvard (Liverpool)” you may like to review any links or coverage of the University referencing pages to provide more generic integration with Library pages (preferably using the permalink to the Library for Online Programmes referencing page
  • Please consult with the Librarian for Online Programmes to discuss integration or advocacy issues ( +44 (0) 151 794 4345 other Librarian contact options are shown at
  • You can see all Harvard materials and the online interactive Cite them Right textbook at
  • For Laureate based staff – Laureate has decided to adopt a flexible approach in terms of Harvard referencing, given the benefits of the “Harvard (Cite them Right)” style, provision of the online interactive textbook and need for a more recognised Harvard format. Students opting to use the new style should be able to do so if they prefer but should maintain consistency in the style used, e.g. within their dissertation.

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