How to resolve Broken ( article links in reading lists – Information for Students and Staff

Some older reading lists may contain article links such as:

Any link which contains “” will no longer work, this is due to the closure of this service provided by ‘JISC’ (UK educational technology agency).

Unfortunately this issue has affected many universities around the UK and overseas.

If you encounter an openurl link in your reading list, please attempt to access the article using an alternative option such as –

If you encounter a broken link and would like to report this, please notify your module tutor of the link citation (e.g. reference/publication details), module name/ID and location of the reading list, e.g. Week 1, Week 2, alternatively you can pass this to the Librarian for Online Programmes.

Advice for Staff

If you are a programme/module developer, for any queries on creating links to articles, please see the Link Builder page and guidance or consult the Librarian for Online Programmes For any campus-managed programme please consider implementing all reading lists using the Reading Lists @ Liverpool platform for management of links to resources, please contact the online Librarian (see above) for advice on your programme area.

you can also see a link conversion tool on the Link Builder page:

This may be useful for either replacing problem links in readings or incidentally providing a fixed/converted link to a student reporting issues.

You can convert any older link formats to supported formats, such as:

  • Links containing the old proxy ‘’
  • Old sfxhosted links
  • links which no longer work
  • Any variants of the above such as database links, article links, catalogue links etc.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues using the tool, or if I can assist for any wider problems arising from the recent deprecation of links.

Please feel free to pass the above onto any support or development staff who might find this useful.

Note for campus/school staff – as mentioned previously, any new programmes moving forward should be implementing the campus Reading Lists platform, which has facilities to automate and avoid broken links.

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