E-Books in Laureate Platforms (students with our partner, Laureate Education)

Student with our partner, Laureate will be required to familiarise themselves with Laureate book locations/ sources for ‘compulsory module textbooks’:

  • The Bookslist in Laureate’s Centre for Student Success displays ‘compulsory’ module textbooks (listed for your programme), these are sourced from a range of non-UoL Library locations such as Laureate’s Vital Source E-Book platform, Laureate’s ‘Online Bookstore‘ or other sources such as Amazon:
  • You can also browse compulsory module texts within the Vital Source or Bookstore platforms, see links and support for these platforms in the Centre for Student Success:
  • You will need to register on Laureate’s Vital Source and Bookstore platforms to access these texts:
  • You will also need to install the Vital Source Bookshelf to download Vital Source E-Books, note – these are DRM/ restricted E-Books with expiry limits and other limitations.
  • Laureate provide direct support for Vital Source and the Bookstore. For further help, see Laureate’s Technical Support. Note, the University Library is unable to offer support for the use of Laureate’s Vital Source or Bookstore platforms.

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