DISCOVER search problems

If you persistently see an error when searching DISCOVER such as


Application Level Exception
To continue with the session, go back to the previous page.


…then you may need to try an alternative multi-platform search to obtain your required e-book or e-journal article.

For e-books you can search using the Library Catalogue you can see links and search boxes to the Catalogue from the University Library homepage or the Library for Online Programmes (e-books page).

For e-journal articles you can use any other multi-source platform such as Web of Science, SCOPUS or Google Scholar you can see links and search boxes for these options on the University Library homepage (Key databases icon) or from the Library for Online Programmes (homepage or e-journals page).

 Note, other non e-book/ e-journals sources such as theses, standards/ISOs, legal resources etc. will still mainly need to be accessed using individual platforms as usual from Library Web pages/ database listings.

Please contact your Librarian if you still have problems after using the above options.



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