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Advice for low-bandwidth or connectivity problems – UPDATED ADVICE

If you live in these regions and have network issues (e.g. a white page, “connection reset/ refused” error), you may need to try the following –

You should ensure you comply with local regulations when using VPN or similar applications.

Note – Opera browser (v.60 onwards) has removed the “Turbo” setting, see alternative advice below for connectivity problems.

Also see further guidance on resolving technical problems.

if you are experiencing ongoing problems accessing the Library please contact your librarian as soon as possible for advice.



WorldCat International Libraries Search

You can now see an icon shown in the Library for Online Progammes for WorldCat Worldcat allows you to search worldwide libraries for local physical library content in your area:

You may find this service useful to quickly search for a specific physical book or journal held at public or academic libraries in your locality:

When searching WorldCat, you can provide your location details:

either perform a search, then follow a link to an item, then enter your location details:

…or create a profile on the WorldCat site and set your location:

When you select a search result/library item you will see a list of locations shown a little way down the page:

Note – users in the UK can additionally use the COPAC catalogue of academic libraries

For further help using WorldCat, use the ‘help’ tool or contact your librarian 

Library survey for your feedback on the Library

Please be aware you can complete our ongoing Library Feedback Survey at any time during your studies to provide your views on the Library for Online Programmes. You can access the survey in the right menu of the Library for Online Programmes The survey will remain online throughout your studies and allows the Librarian to continually read your views and develop the Web site and Library service.

You can use the Feedback Survey to identify areas where you feel the Library can be improved or areas which you think are working well. If you have identified an area which is causing problems or an area for development please describe this issue using comment box provided in the survey, you can also suggest possible solutions or ways we can overcome the issue.

Please note – the survey is not an enquiry form, if you need to contact your Librarian please use the Contact options shown on the Library Web pages.

For more information or questions about the survey please contact your Librarian.

Journal/ Author Ratings new Web site area

Please see our new “Journal/ Author” Ratings area within the Library for Online Programmes, you can use either Web of Knowledge or SCOPUS to view journal, author or publication ratings (bibliometrics) to indicate the popularity (impact) of journal content according to papers published, number of citations in other publications and other models for assessing impact.

The following page provides guidelines, video and tutorials for demonstrating how to use journal impact tools: