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Campus/Library Closure during Christmas Holiday

The University campus will be closed during the Christmas holiday period from 23/12/19 and reopens 02/01/20, 24/7 IT and Library services are available during this time.

The 24/7 IT support telephone line is: +44(0)151 79 44567 or email
For further technical advice see

The 24/7 Library enquiry line is available by visiting ‘Ask Us’ at then see online FAQs or contact options in the right menu, the 24/7 telephone line is: +44(0)151 794 9500, or use the online chat or webform to email the 24/7 service.

Campus services possible disruption due to Industrial Action wb 25 Nov and 2-4th Dec

Please be aware that due to industrial action, the campus may experience some disruption affecting full operational services during the week beginning 25th November (25/11/19 – 29/11/19) and from 2-4th December, this is due to a national dispute in relation to the main academic union (UCU) and staff members.

Access to our usual 24/7 Library and IT services should be unaffected, please see the regular Contacts options shown within the Library for Online Programmes


Library 404 error and workaround

This issue affecting shorturtls to the Library for Online Programmes appears to be working now, if you notice any further issues please contact the Librarian

If you follow the shorturl to the Library, seen on some programme/module pages:

– or follow similar shorturls in the format above, or use an embedded search box shown within your Blackboard modules –

These links/ search boxes are currently experiencing technical problems.

This issue has been reported, in the meantime please visit the Library for Online Programmes for DISCOVER and all other database options:

Please contact the Librarian if you have any difficulties.


Library Support for RefWorks and transition to EndNote products in August 2021

The Library will be moving to EndNote citation management products on the September 2021 academic year.

Note for students with Laureate 
RefWorks will be supported on a legacy basis during the remainder of the partnership with Laureate, current students in the partnership who use RefWorks until the end of their scheduled studies should not be affected by these changes.

Students studying after August 2021
Any online students remaining in studies after August 2021 who still require access to their reference system will need to migrate their referencing data to EndNote Online.

Versions of EndNote available
EndNote is available in two formats via the Library:

  • EndNote Online – a Web based citation management platform similar to RefWorks, you can export citations directly from databases such as DISCOVER and Web of Science to your reference library. EndNote Online is recommended for online students, this is because your data is stored online, preventing loss of data and you can access your EndNote Online account from any Web connected location.

If you intend to begin using a citation management application for the first time, you are advised to register an account with EndNote Online, see advice on this platform on the Library for Online Programmes Referencing page.

  • EndNote Desktop – a desktop application available to install on a personal computer (for Windows or Macintosh systems) providing detailed reference management tools such as automated sorting and group features, EndNote Desktop is useful for medicine related programmes, e.g. managing large citation libraries when conducting systematic reviews or other complex tasks. EndNote Desktop can be a more demanding application for managing references for most programme areas, you are recommended to discuss your planned use of EndNote Desktop with the Librarian.

For detailed advice on EndNote products, creating an EndNote Online account and additional advice for students remaining in studies after August 2021 please see the Referencing page in the Library for Online Programmes

For any issues related to the above changes, please contact the Librarian by telephone, email or Skype.

How to resolve Broken ( article links in reading lists – Information for Students and Staff

Some older reading lists may contain article links such as:

Any link which contains “” will no longer work, this is due to the closure of this service provided by ‘JISC’ (UK educational technology agency).

Unfortunately this issue has affected many universities around the UK and overseas.

If you encounter an openurl link in your reading list, please attempt to access the article using an alternative option such as –

If you encounter a broken link and would like to report this, please notify your module tutor of the link citation (e.g. reference/publication details), module name/ID and location of the reading list, e.g. Week 1, Week 2, alternatively you can pass this to the Librarian for Online Programmes.

Advice for Staff

If you are a programme/module developer, for any queries on creating links to articles, please see the Link Builder page and guidance or consult the Librarian for Online Programmes For any campus-managed programme please consider implementing all reading lists using the Reading Lists @ Liverpool platform for management of links to resources, please contact the online Librarian (see above) for advice on your programme area.

you can also see a link conversion tool on the Link Builder page:

This may be useful for either replacing problem links in readings or incidentally providing a fixed/converted link to a student reporting issues.

You can convert any older link formats to supported formats, such as:

  • Links containing the old proxy ‘’
  • Old sfxhosted links
  • links which no longer work
  • Any variants of the above such as database links, article links, catalogue links etc.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues using the tool, or if I can assist for any wider problems arising from the recent deprecation of links.

Please feel free to pass the above onto any support or development staff who might find this useful.

Note for campus/school staff – as mentioned previously, any new programmes moving forward should be implementing the campus Reading Lists platform, which has facilities to automate and avoid broken links.

WestLaw UK (new One Pass account)

When you visit WestLaw UK you will now be asked to confirm your name and email address.

You are recommended to supply your MWS (UoL campus) email, using the same username used for the online Library, in the format of:

Note, please use the above format rather than your email supplied by Laureate (

When you supply these details, you should not be prompted to do so again (your details will be associated with your MWS login when accessing WestLaw).

If you continue to have difficulties please contact your Librarian at

LinkedIn Learning (new is changing to LinkedIn Learning, if you have activated your account in the past you may have been notified to begin using the new platform LinkedIn Learning.

You can see a link to LinkedIn Learning on the Media page in the Library for Online Programmes or go to:

You will need to activate your account on LinkedIn Learning, click the ‘Sign In’ link (top right corner):

Click ‘Sign in with your organisation account’:

Supply your MWS username (the username you use to log into the Library) followed by e.g.

Supply your MWS (Library) username in the following screen using the format, followed by your MWS password (same as your Library password):

Yo can now proceed to LinkedIn or associate LinkedIn Learning with your personal LinkedIn account, in case of difficulties please contact IT Service Desk or for ongoing issues please contact your Librarian

Campus Bank Holiday Closure 26/08/19 and 24/7 Services

The campus Library and other on-campus services such as IT Services will be subject to closure on 26/08/19 due to the August bank holiday, full campus services resume on 27/08/19, all 24/7 services will be available during this time, including 24/7 IT support (telephone/email) ( and 24/7 Library support (chat/email) ( Emails, answer phone, Skype messages to the Librarian will be responded on 27/08/19.


Emerald Update/ E-Book reader issue (Bluefire Reader)

The Emerald platform appears to be working normally, if you experience any issues using Emerald, please contact your Librarian including any error message or problem citations/readings.

‘Bluefire Reader’ is a mobile E-Book app recommended in platforms such as Ebook Central. Bluefire Reader has been removed from Google Play and other App stores due to a current issue with the software, for now please use an alternative app ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ in your mobile device. For further details see


Access to Emerald eBooks and Journals

Emerald Publishing launched a new website for their eBooks and journals this week. Unfortunately, there have been some technical issues related to the launch, resulting in intermittent problems with accessing their content. This is affecting access to Emerald content when accessed directly via their website, or through results found in DISCOVER. Emerald are aware of the problems and are working to fix them as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Most resources appear to be working (as of 8th July), however for any problem articles, you can try to identify an alternative source using other major platforms such as Web of Science, SCOPUS or Google Scholar (e.g. for open access instances) – see the Library for Online Programmes homepage for links/search boxes to access these platforms: or pass any problem citations to your Librarian for advice:

Reminder – accessing previous online doctoral theses in the University repository

Online doctoral theses which have gone through all submission processes and which are not embargoed – e.g. when a thesis contains sensitive/commercial/ethical data and has been withheld for a period of time – should be shown on the UoL research repository, you can see a link to the repository in the left menu of the Library for Online Programmes or go to to limit your search to online DBA or EdD theses, see the advanced search page then scroll down a little way to see ‘Qualification level’ – you will see check boxes for ‘Doctor of Education’ and ‘Doctor of Business Administration’. You can also see pre-defined search results/links for DBA and EdD theses on the repository page in the Library for Online Programmes

Software reminder e.g. Microsoft Office, NviVo etc.

Online students can download UoL campus software, including Microsoft Office (to install on up to 5 personal devices) and a range of commercial applications such as NviVo, see the Computing Services Department (CSD) software page for software/license information.

Some applications such as SPSS may require media installing from their respective 3rd party Web site (also see the license page Note, you can also run campus applications using our cloud-based desktop application, Citrix (these applications are not installed on your local device but run over the cloud, requiring a live Internet connection): (or see our Web based Citrix – note this version does not support downloading or access to drives/files on your local device).

May 6th Bank Holiday- Advice on Library and IT Service Desk Support

The University campus is closed on Monday 6th May (UK bank holiday), usual 24/7 enquiry services for Library and IT Service Desk are available –

IT Service Desk (Login and technical help):
Tel (24/7): [UK 0151] [Int +44 151] 79 44567, or Web Form
Or see: (Login and technical help)

Library 24/7 Ask Us online enquiries/chat (Help using Library Databases):
Or see:

For any ongoing issues or further support which cannot be resolved by the IT Service Desk or Library Ask Us service, please email the Librarian for Online Programmes at or see emails, voicemails, Skype messages will be responded as soon as possible when full services resume.

Library Trials for Comment

Library Trials for Comment
Please note you can always see an updated list of current trials (databases/collections/journals) being reviewed at UoL.
Any students or staff/faculty can comment on trials to contribute to decision making on purchasing by visiting the trials blog at

See the link ‘Add a Comment’ after visiting the trial news item on the trials blog:

You can also see a link to the trials blog on the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes (‘New Trials/Databases’ in the news box in the upper part of the homepage).

PRISMA resources for systematic reviews

If you are conducting a research project using PRISMA (referred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) the following resources are available via the official PRISMA site:

You can see a link to PRISMA resources on the Training > Research area of the Library for Online Programmes (see ‘The Literature/Systematic Review’ icon/link)

Easter Holiday Period – Advice on Library and IT Service Desk Support

The University campus is closed from Friday 19th April and re-opens on Tuesday 23rd April, usual 24/7 enquiry services for Library and IT Service Desk are available –

IT Service Desk (Login and technical help):
Tel (24/7): [UK 0151] [Int +44 151] 79 44567, or Web Form
Or see: (Login and technical help)

Library 24/7 Ask Us online enquiries/chat (Help using Library Databases):
Or see:

For any ongoing issues or further support which cannot be resolved by the IT Service Desk or Library Ask Us service, please email the Librarian for Online Programmes at or see emails, voicemails, Skype messages will be responded as soon as possible when full services resume.

Project Management Journal – Access and Advice

The Project Management Journal has experienced issues during 2018, access has now been restored.

However, you may need to access the journal for journal volumes/articles by visiting the Journal homepage (see journal link on the Management/Data page) or see the following URL:

When you enter the Wiley database displaying the journal you may need to browse by volume, issue or perform a search (e.g. by article title) within the Wiley database:

For any issues accessing Project Management Journal please contact Paul Catherall, Librarian Online Programmes +44(0 )151 7944345, Skype: “UoL Library for Online Programmes”,

Reminder of Online Library Services and Support

I’d just like to pass you the following Library handout/flyer to outline Library services and support available

The Library provides access to E-Resources including E-Books, E-Journal articles and specialist resources such as statistics, markets, health and legal sources using the Library for Online Programmes 

For enquiries/support or individual help/consultation on using the Library – such as accessing E-Resources or Library platforms, advice on referencing (and referencing software), technical problems using the Library or other Library issues please see the Contacts area of the Library for Online Programmes (including Paul’s Skype/telephone and other contact options).

If you are less familiar with the Library or would like a quick reminder of services available, please see the following handout/flyer:

Please also contact Paul if you have any ongoing problems using the Library (see contact details above) or email Skype (UoL Library for Online Programmes) or tel: +44 (0)151 7944345

Library support is also available for online staff/faculty/Directors of Studies for any Library related issues (see above flyer for further details).

Best wishes

Dr Paul Catherall (E-Learning Librarian/ Online Programmes)

ProQuest Planned Maintenance January 20th 2019

ProQuest databases will be subject to planned maintenance January 20th 2019, 15:00 to January 21st 11:00. See what time this maintenance window will occur in your region

Databases affected by planned maintenance include –

  • Alexander Street Press
  • ProQuest Books / Ebook Central
  • ProQuest Platform
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
  • RefWorks
  • All other ProQuest databases

Problems logging into the Library with workarounds January 2019


Update on Problems logging into the Library (07/01/19)

Library authentication is now working intermittently, you can attempt to log in as normally. However for any difficulties, please see the below advice.


You can see an explanation of the issue, updates on the issue and some suggested workarounds here

Further help

In addition to the advice offered above please see the following –

To use the Citrix option suggested above, install the Citrix desktop client as shown at Note – when you run the Citrix desktop application you will need to supply a ‘server address’, then your UoL (MWS) username and password in the format shown on the above site. When Citrix has been successfully installed, run Citrix then open a Web browser within the Citrix desktop (such as Explorer or Firefox). You will then need to navigate to the University Library, it is suggested you use either this DISCOVER URL (for most of our licensed E-Journal articles/E-Books), or for other specialist database URLs see the list of URLs shown on the announcement page (shown above).

Alternatively, you can also access non-authenticated or open access sources via databases such as Google Scholar ( or other open access sources shown on the Alumni page such as –


Library for Online Programmes Christmas and New Year Opening 2018-19

Full Library services will be unavailable from 20/12/17 and will resume on Monday 07/01/18. Any emails, Skype messages, answer phone calls etc. sent directly to the Librarian for online programmes during this time will be responded as soon as possible or the next working day. During this time you are recommended to contact our 24/7 services for issues requiring urgent attention.

IT Service Desk (campus IT services for login issues etc.) closes on 21/12/18 and reopens 2/01/18.

The Library’s 24/7 online enquiry service will be available at all times during the Christmas period, see this link for email and online chat:

The IT Service Desk 24/7 support line is also available at all times during the Christmas period: UK 0151, Int +44 151 [7944567]. Emails to or Web form messages will be responded by our 24/7 support service.

These contact options are also shown on the Contacts page of the Library for Online Programmes.

Cochrane Library platform issues

A new Cochrane website was launched in August 2018. The publisher, Wiley, are aware some users are experiencing problems which include searching and finding content and saving searches. Wiley are currently working on fixing these problems as quickly as possible, and have provided the following advice and information

ScienceDirect Access Issue

We are currently experiencing issues accessing ScienceDirect on and off campus. This has been reported to Elsevier for urgent investigation. Alternative access is available both on and off campus here or by following these steps

  • Select the Sign In option on the upper right side of the ScienceDirect homepage.
  • Select “Sign In via your Institution” using the “Other Institutions” option
  • Select “University of Liverpool” from the list (approximately half way down the list)

Browser SSL/HTTPS errors reported by some students when logging into the Library

Following changes in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and some software such as Virus Scanners, requiring all Web content to have SSL certificate, some students have reported SSL Certificate issues when visiting some databases and Web content.

If this occurs, you may see a warning in the top-left corner of the browser, on the address bar next to the URL, e.g.

SSL certificates verify the provider and allows for encrypted and secure data to be transmitted.

In the event you visit a non-SSL resource or external Web site you may be able to browse normally, however, if you have installed 3rd party applications such as a Firewall, Virus Scanner or Malware Scanner, these applications may halt your browsing to the non-SSL resource or Web site.

If you cannot proceed to a resource or Web site due to your 3rd party Firewall, Virus Scanner or similar application, you are advised to consult the IT Service Desk in the first instance for advice if it is safe to access the specific URL/address you are visiting, email or use the 24/7 IT support line +44(0)151 79 44567 or see further options at (you should provide the exact URL of the resource/Web site you are visiting when asking IT Service Desk for advice on an individual Web site/resource).

Please contact your Librarian if you continue to have difficulties, it may be useful to share any citations, databases or other E-Resources you are having problems accessing educational and technical video database

The University has obtained access to providing video instruction across a range of academic and technical fields. allows you to view individual video or for viewing a range related video across a whole Lynda ‘course’. Lynda also provides video on qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics applications such as SPSS and Nvivo. requires your UoL (MWS) login for access: also allows for creating direct links or embedding individual video or courses (see the ‘Share’ tool in the top-right area when viewing a video or Lynda course:

You can access from the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes, from the ‘Media‘ page (listing instructional/academic video sources), or Library Training pages (e.g. the Library Video page).

Please contact the Librarian for Online Programmes for further advice on this resource.