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Library for Online Programmes Christmas and New Year Opening 2018-19

Full Library services will be unavailable from 20/12/17 and will resume on Monday 07/01/18. Any emails, Skype messages, answer phone calls etc. sent directly to the Librarian for online programmes during this time will be responded as soon as possible or the next working day. During this time you are recommended to contact our 24/7 services for issues requiring urgent attention.

IT Service Desk (campus IT services for login issues etc.) closes on 21/12/18 and reopens 2/01/18.

The Library’s 24/7 online enquiry service will be available at all times during the Christmas period, see this link for email and online chat:

The IT Service Desk 24/7 support line is also available at all times during the Christmas period: UK 0151, Int +44 151 [7944567]. Emails to or Web form messages will be responded by our 24/7 support service.

These contact options are also shown on the Contacts page of the Library for Online Programmes.

Cochrane Library platform issues

A new Cochrane website was launched in August 2018. The publisher, Wiley, are aware some users are experiencing problems which include searching and finding content and saving searches. Wiley are currently working on fixing these problems as quickly as possible, and have provided the following advice and information

ScienceDirect Access Issue

We are currently experiencing issues accessing ScienceDirect on and off campus. This has been reported to Elsevier for urgent investigation. Alternative access is available both on and off campus here or by following these steps

  • Select the Sign In option on the upper right side of the ScienceDirect homepage.
  • Select “Sign In via your Institution” using the “Other Institutions” option
  • Select “University of Liverpool” from the list (approximately half way down the list)

Browser SSL/HTTPS errors reported by some students when logging into the Library

Following changes in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and some software such as Virus Scanners, requiring all Web content to have SSL certificate, some students have reported SSL Certificate issues when visiting some databases and Web content.

If this occurs, you may see a warning in the top-left corner of the browser, on the address bar next to the URL, e.g.

SSL certificates verify the provider and allows for encrypted and secure data to be transmitted.

In the event you visit a non-SSL resource or external Web site you may be able to browse normally, however, if you have installed 3rd party applications such as a Firewall, Virus Scanner or Malware Scanner, these applications may halt your browsing to the non-SSL resource or Web site.

If you cannot proceed to a resource or Web site due to your 3rd party Firewall, Virus Scanner or similar application, you are advised to consult the IT Service Desk in the first instance for advice if it is safe to access the specific URL/address you are visiting, email or use the 24/7 IT support line +44(0)151 79 44567 or see further options at (you should provide the exact URL of the resource/Web site you are visiting when asking IT Service Desk for advice on an individual Web site/resource).

Please contact your Librarian if you continue to have difficulties, it may be useful to share any citations, databases or other E-Resources you are having problems accessing educational and technical video database

The University has obtained access to providing video instruction across a range of academic and technical fields. allows you to view individual video or for viewing a range related video across a whole Lynda ‘course’. Lynda also provides video on qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics applications such as SPSS and Nvivo. requires your UoL (MWS) login for access: also allows for creating direct links or embedding individual video or courses (see the ‘Share’ tool in the top-right area when viewing a video or Lynda course:

You can access from the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes, from the ‘Media‘ page (listing instructional/academic video sources), or Library Training pages (e.g. the Library Video page).

Please contact the Librarian for Online Programmes for further advice on this resource.

ScienceDirect Problems and workarounds 09-10-18

The ScienceDirect database is currently experiencing problems, if you see the following error, you can try this alternative link to ScienceDirect (you may be prompted to supply your UoL/MWS login details):

When you access the database, you should then search within ScienceDirect for the required paper by title, e.g.

If you continue to have difficulties some further options include –

Please contact your Librarian for assistance if you continue to have difficulties 


Cite them Right (online interactive referencing textbook) updates

Cite them Right, our online interactive referencing textbook have been working on some new developments for Cite them right for the upcoming academic year and are delighted to share these with you!

To access Cite them Right visit the Library for Online Programmes Referencing page or go direct to

  • New homepage: We have developed a ‘new-look’ homepage to modernise the look and feel of Cite them right and allow us to better sign-post helpful content.
  • Popular pages: provides speedy access to the most frequently referenced sources or article pages
  • Animated video guides
  • Bookmarking functionality: bookmark favourite parts of the site, allowing you to quickly and easily navigate to those pages
  • Editor’s highlights and Advice from the experts: draws more attention to key articles from the ‘Basics’ section, encouraging students to learn about the fundamentals of referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • ‘Browse by referencing style’ menu: a new menu that provides direct and upfront access to the most relevant source type pages within any of the referencing styles covered in Cite them right
  • Common questions on referencing: editorially curated answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed by students
  • Referencing tutorial: We are putting the finishing touches to our brand new eLearning tutorial. This 1 hour interactive tutorial (broken down into self-contained sections that each take approximately 5 minutes to complete) will teach students how to accurately build references in their chosen referencing style and take steps to avoid plagiarism.

Bank Holiday closure oncampus 27th August and 24/7 enquiry services

The University campus is closed Monday 27th August and reopens fully on Tuesday 28th August, all 24/7 services are available as normal including our 24/7 IT support line +44 (0)151 7944567 and the Library’s Ask Us answers/ chat and enquiry service emails, phone messages and Skype messages will be responded as soon as possible by Tuesday 28th August.

Thomson Reuters Practical Law trial

The Library is consulting on a trial of “Thomson Reuters Practical Law”, the database is described as:

“a legal know how service containing practice notes, current awareness, global guides and standard documents with links to primary sources and other content within Westlaw UK. Content is arranged into a number of practice areas, including international and cross-border topics.”

The database can be accessed for review at:

If you would like to leave comments for the license you can do so on this Library blog site:

Personal Profile in EBSCO/DISCOVER issues

Following some changes in the EBSCO/DISCOVER database, the route to access a personal profile in DISCOVER is now slightly different, to access a personal profile you created previously click the ‘My Folder’ link at the top of the screen, then click ‘Sign in to my EBSCO Host, when you have done this use the ‘Back’ icon to return to DISCOVER, you can then manage your bookmarked items using the ‘My Folder’ link at the top of the Discover screen.

The ‘My Library Account’ link shown in the top-right corner of the DISCOVER platform now directs to the Library Catalogue, this displays the record of physical items loaned from the physical Library and related details.

If you are a borrowing member of the Library and loan physical items then you will have access to a PIN number to log into the Library Catalogue (or via the “My Library record” link in DISCOVER).

Online students are not issued a borrowing account to loan physical items on enrolment, additionally, UK residency is required to obtain a borrowing account or loan physical items. Please note – a physical borrowing account is not required to use the electronic library/E-Resources, nor is a borrowing account required to create a personal profile in any online database licensed by the Library such as EBSCO/DISCOVER, SCOPUS, Web of Science etc. – our online databases each allow for an individual profile to be created to save personal preferences within the individual platform, save search results, bookmark items etc.

Please also see the following guideline on use of the personal profile in DISCOVER

Also note, that some databases such as Web of Science or Westlaw can prompt you when accessing the database to log into a personal profile, however if you do not wish to use the personal settings within that individual database, you can ignore/close the personal profile popup/prompt.
If you continue to have difficulties using EBSCO/DISCOVER and the personal profile feature, please contact your Librarian (for Online Programmes) using the Contacts tab shown toward the top area of the Library for Online Programmes

Taylor and Francis Journals issue (June 2018)

The Taylor and Francis journals collection appears to be experiencing difficulties, if you are having problems accessing T&F items, try the following options:

E-Books in the University of Liverpool Library

Please note that some E-Books provided via DISCOVER (University of Liverpool Library) are not currently showing a ‘Get Full Text’ icon, the issue has been reported and we are hoping for a resolution of this as soon as possible, instead please click the ‘Access Options‘ link shown within your required DISCOVER result, then look for a ‘Full text access‘ link to access the E-Book on the provider’s Web site:

If there is no ‘Full text access’ option shown in the pop-up window, go back to the item in DISCOVER, click the item title as shown above and you will see the full item record/ page listing all the book publication details. Scroll down a little and click the ‘View this book online’ link:

Note – the ‘Reading Lists @ Liverpool’ link shown in DISCOVER refers to a platform currently not used by most online programmes, at this time, please consult your reading lists shown in online modules (for students with our partner, Laureate also see your ‘Booklist‘ in the Centre for Student Success).

If you have any difficulties please contact your Librarian:


E-Books in Laureate Platforms (students with our partner, Laureate Education)

Student with our partner, Laureate will be required to familiarise themselves with Laureate book locations/ sources for ‘compulsory module textbooks’:

  • The Bookslist in Laureate’s Centre for Student Success displays ‘compulsory’ module textbooks (listed for your programme), these are sourced from a range of non-UoL Library locations such as Laureate’s Vital Source E-Book platform, Laureate’s ‘Online Bookstore‘ or other sources such as Amazon:
  • You can also browse compulsory module texts within the Vital Source or Bookstore platforms, see links and support for these platforms in the Centre for Student Success:
  • You will need to register on Laureate’s Vital Source and Bookstore platforms to access these texts:
  • You will also need to install the Vital Source Bookshelf to download Vital Source E-Books, note – these are DRM/ restricted E-Books with expiry limits and other limitations.
  • Laureate provide direct support for Vital Source and the Bookstore. For further help, see Laureate’s Technical Support. Note, the University Library is unable to offer support for the use of Laureate’s Vital Source or Bookstore platforms.

Library Easter Opening 2018

The University closes oncampus during the Easter period from 30/03/18 and reopens 03/04/18, calls or emails issued direct to the online librarian will be responded as soon as possible on services re-opening, our 24/7 service for general Library enquiries will be available and we provide 24/7 IT support via telephone and email for login issues or technical support.

Google Scholar issues and workaround

Google Scholar is an external search engine which is not managed at UoL. The Library is unable to guarantee the functionality of external search engines such as Scholar. The Library recommends use of our licensed search platforms such as DISCOVER and other licensed databases/collections as the primary option for access to E-Resources.

Scholar may experience heavy load/usage, if this happens you may experience difficulties connecting to Scholar or see ‘captcha’ boxes when using Scholar. If you are having these kind of difficulties using Scholar, see the advice below –

Option 1 – use the link to Scholar shown in the Library’s A-Z list of databases or go direct to this link, this will show an “Is it @ Liverpool” link, however most secure/commercial links shown in results will not be authenticated via the Library.

Option 2 – you can simply visit (the normal/public URL for Scholar) and set up “Is it @ Liverpool” links manually by configuring your profile in Scholar.

Note – to save the following options between browsing sessions, log into a Google account to save your preferences.

Open a new browser and visit Scholar at:

You will need to configure Scholar to use UoL links, click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of Scholar:

Select Settings, you will be presented with the following screen, then click Library links in the left menu. Type ‘University of Liverpool’ in the box shown, press the search icon, then ensure ‘University of Liverpool – is it @ Liverpool?’ is checked/ticked and click ‘Save’:

If you logged in with a Google account your preferences will be saved so you don’t have to do this next time you go to

Note – when you search Scholar via the search box shown on the Library for Online Programmes homepage you are able to follow links by clicking the title of results, however, when you use the above option to access Scholar you will typically need to click ‘Is it @ Liverpool’ links shown to the right side of results to access licensed/commercial content:

Note the Library recommends use of licensed databases such as DISCOVER provided via the Library for Online Programmes homepage

Please contact your Librarian if you have further questions.

Library system issues and workarounds (ScienceDirect and Cite them Right)

We are currently experiencing issues with linking in Discover to articles on the ScienceDirect platform. Our supplier is investigating the issue. Articles from ScienceDirect may be accessed by going directly to the ScienceDirect platform and searching by article title .

Cite them Right (online referencing guidance) is currently experiencing technical problems, you can also access the Harvard (Cite them Right) guideline in PDF format on the Referencing page in the Library for Online Programmes.


SAGE Methodology E-Books problem and workaround 21-12-17

If you have problems opening a SAGE Methodology e-book when off-campus, e.g. from DISCOVER or the Library Catalogue, you may see an error when accessing full-text content “Looks like you do not have access to this content”.

The issue has been reported and we are hoping for a resolution shortly.

To access your required SAGE e-book, install our “Citrix” software, this is a “VPN” type application which allows you to access our resources as if you were on-campus.

You will need to follow the instructions shown at 

Note, when accessing CItrix you will need to supply the ‘server address’ when prompted as “”, when logging into Citrix you will need to use your UoL (MWS) login (your login used to access the Library) in the following format:


When you are running Citrix, open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer from within the Citrix interface, you can then browse to the SAGE’s public/commercial URL: then search for your book title (you should search using the exact book title, note the exact edition and author details when selecting the book in the results shown).

As an alternative to searching for the book title, you can visit the book using the normal method from DISCOVER on SAGE, e.g. then remove the section of the URL shown as “” (note – this includes the preceding full stop as shown), the resulting URL can be visited directly from Citrix, e.g.

For further advice on accessing Citrix or help using SAGE e-books please contact the Library or IT Service Desk.

University of Liverpool/ Library Christmas Closure 2017

Full on-campus services, including Library and IT Service Desk support will be unavailable from 23/12/17 until Monday 01/01/18 and will resume on Tuesday 02/01/18.

The Library’s 24/7 online enquiry service will be available at all times during the Christmas period, see this link for email and online chat:

The IT Service Desk 24/7 support line is also available at all times during the Christmas period: UK 0151, Int +44 151 [7944567]. Emails to or Web form messages will be responded by our 24/7 support service.

Any emails, Skype messages, answer phone calls etc. sent directly to the Librarian for online programmes will be responded on the next working day.

These contact options are also shown on the Contacts page of the Library for Online Programmes.

IEEE (Electrical Engineering) Database Problems and Workaround 30/11/17

The IEEE database is currently experiencing difficulties when accessed offcampus (using our Library login server).

The issue has been reported.

A workaround is to install the UoL Citrix application then run a Web browser such as Internet Explorer from Citrix, this provides a connection to access UoL Web content and databases as if you were on-campus.

You can open a Web browser from Citrix to access IEEE at its normal commercial URL and search for your required article by title/author etc.

Please contact our IT Service Desk if you have further difficulties using Citrix, and for any IEEE issues please contact the Library as usual.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Library full text links not working (in DISCOVER) 19-10-17

The Library is currently experiencing a problem using the DISCOVER search platform.

You may see an error “An unexpected error has occurred” when visiting “Get Full Text” links in DISCOVER or EBSCO.

Most individual collections when accessed directly are unaffected, or when searched using Google Scholar from Library pages.

Please use an alternative option to access your required resource, options include:


For books, you can use the Library Catalogue, you can see a Catalogue search by book title or keyword on the E-Books page in the Library for Online Programmes:

You can also search individual E-Book collections directly, you can see a list of individual E-Book collections licensed by the Library toward the bottom of the E-Books page.


You can use Google Scholar to search for articles by keyword, title, author etc. you can see a Scholar search box a little way down the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes. When using Scholar, follow the title of the search result or external link in the right menu alongside the result:

If you know the E-Journal article’s DOI number you can use the tool “Go to an article by DOI” on the E-Journals page.

You can also search individual E-Journal collections, you can see these listed on the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes or see the A-Z of databases, also see other pages such as subject pages for law, management, health etc. these will list major databases for your subject.

We apologise for inconvenience caused, the issue has been reported to EBSCO, this problem appears to be present worldwide.

Please contact your librarian for further assistance.