Library Access Issues for United Arab Emirates users

If you are located in UAE (United Arab Emirates) you may currently be unable to open e-resources in DISCOVER (or other EBSCO databases/collections).

To access E-Journal articles you may need to use an alternative major platform to search across all our articles such as:

Web of Science
Google Scholar
(also see other major/multi-source platforms in the table of links, e.g. MEDLINE for health, Westlaw for Law).

If you are trying to access E-Books, you may need to use the Library Catalogue.

You can see the above links (including a Scholar search box) shown on the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes 

You may also be able to overcome these issues by accessing the Library using the Opera Web browser.

Alternatively, you could try to use a VPN type option to access Library resources if local regulations allow this. You should ensure you comply with local regulations when using VPN options.

Please contact the Librarian for Online Programmes if you experience ongoing difficulties.

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